An interactive digital brochure is a user-friendly platform which functions best on an iPad or desktop. Digital brochures provide a random page access and interactive experience. As a result, increasingly discerning audiences can navigate through your services or products in the time and order that they choose.

Why it is a good idea to invest in an interactive digital brochure


It’s old news that 80% of your online visitors will watch a video. But did you know that a well-produced video can increase a stakeholder’s understanding of your information by up to 75%?

Combine this with the fact that only 20% of your target audience will actually read written content in its entirety. We can then identify that successful marketing requires a mix of short, engaging, concisely written information as well as visual content.

So how do we further increase the odds of engagement with existing customers and potential new business? Using these exciting visual communications revelations, we find that the interactive digital brochure is the answer.

The interactive digital brochure is really the next step in consumer-driven visual communications.


90 percent of consumers agree that watching a product demo video or explainer video is helpful in the decision-making process.

When that consumer can fast track their areas of interest by going directly to the relevant information in a digital brochure, copywriting brochure services are reinvented for more effective content marketing.

What are the Features of an Interactive Digital Brochure?


First of all, each section can have a custom-designed and sharp layout. Interaction, layout and content complement the type of information being presented.

Scroll effect, page transitions and time line layout are some of the features available in the digital publication.

Videos and animation may also be embedded in the digital presentation as well as extra material such as pdfs and forms, etc. Lastly, you can also add privacy protected versions to the layout, with specific information for authorised audiences.

Benefits of interactive digital brochure compared to printed brochure:


  • Update with new written and visual material as it becomes available
  • Link other promotions/ events through this dynamic medium
  • Cancel or upgrade the use of the hosting at own discretion
  • Can connect to your website or use autonomously.
  • Video testimonials from staff or customers may be added to the presentation
  • Custom make design to suit budget and progressively build onto the digital format
  • Make changes simply

Digital Brochure Applications:


  • A tangible product that bring a construction or building project to life combining renders and architectural designs with live action video through a digital platform
  • Company Profiles
  • Product look book
  • Induction tool for on-site application
  • Informational tool

Taurus Productions is a Perth production company specialising in this unique communication platform hosted from the United Kingdom. We would be happy to help you start your communications using this exciting medium soon.