I can’t recommend highly enough, the added value and benefits gained through participation in the Telstra Business Awards.

Having successfully assisted a very dear colleague to win the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award earlier in my career, combined with the experience of assisting 2 Taurus Productions’ clients to climb the shortlist for the 2019 Telstra Business Awards, I’ve had a great insight to the awards nomination and submission process. 

My involvement in the consultation, writing and preparation of relevant, accurate and honest overviews of the business principles, philosophies and practices for a client, has brought me a step closer to providing the level of understanding and flow-on service I believe help my business succeed.  


The Telstra Business Awards judging criteria

The Telstra Business Awards judging criteria is comprehensive and detailed, addressing the fields of; 

  • Strategy and vision  
  • Customer and Marketing  
  • Operations  
  • People and Culture   
  • Social Responsibility   
  • Financial Acumen  


Why it is a good idea to participate


In addition to the client’s self-reflection and internal evaluation gained from the experience, each entrant receives the Business Benchmark Report for identifying issues and recommendations for improvements to the business. 

Also, the interview process, networking events, profile as well as the People’s Choice award possibility, are other added bonuses for entering. 

Reviewing such areas as financial acumen, risk management, resources, management systems and productivity are the practical bonuses received from the exercise. However, formalizing the “brand” through the analysis of the people and culture, social responsibilities and vision for the future is an integral part of business planning. 

So if you’re ever considering entering the Awards, I would be more than happy to consult with you about the prospects.

Wishing you every success in all of your business endeavours.

Jayne Beament. 


 Conditions of entry into the Telstra Business Awards

  • Reside in Australia
  • Have an Australian Business Number;
  • Been in operation for at least 12 months as of 14th of March 2019;
  • Be more than 60% Australian owned, with the owners or founders responsible for making the key management decisions;
  • Earn more than $50,000 in annual revenue;
  • If you’re entering the Social change maker Award: be a not-for-profit, social enterprise or profit for purpose organisation that contributes a minimum of 10% of their profits back to the cause; and
  • If you’re entering the Emerging and energised Award have been operating in Australia between 12-36 months from specified date for award.