What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are designed to explain or sell different aspects of a company, product or service in an engaging and simple way. They can be used on websites, TV or online commercials, presentations or training.

Types of explainer videos


  • How-to video: a video explaining how to assemble use a product or service. Sometimes also known as a visual manual; in this case complementing a post-sale service.
  • Induction: many companies use an explainer to engage new employees and explain the overall structure of the company, services and products.
  • Demo video: similar to the How-to, showcasing the practical application and use of a product or service. Very common for technology services such as apps, systems, software, etc.
  • Instructional video: educational explainers for training purposes. These videos are used in training programs or associated with e-learning platforms.


Why explainer videos should be part of your marketing strategy


Sales & Marketing Impact


  1. Sales Delivery perfection: eliminates the on-going need for repetitive and unmotivated information dissemination. Selling points are delivered in the right way always; complementing the sales team’s work so they can focus more on personalised service.
  2. Passive marketing tool: A professional video guarantees that the brand values and message be transmitted in a controlled way, in the right tone to deliver better results. For instance, Dropbox increased their conversions by 10 percent with their video being viewed over 750,000 times in a single month.
  3. Educational: they are accurate, informative as well as emotive and help to deliver instructional content.
  4. Branding exercise: videos offer room to embed corporate branding elements, language and tone.
  5. Perfected performance: do it right the first time and not have to worry about another off day or omitting detail.
  6. Continuity of delivery: back-up for a salesperson/ staff presenter under-performing


Problem-solving Functionality


  1. Staff turnover: assists with training, induction and on-boarding of new staff.
  2. Inductions: can be partnered with worksheet and assessment materials.
  3. Refresher: can be replayed at audience discretion whenever needed.
  4. Mobile and user-friendly: learn on the go, refresh on-site or in the comfort of your home.
  5. The audience perceives stronger credibility with format and techniques: neutral voice-over and language, graphic effects & stats add credibility, professionalism is always appealing.


Added Bonuses


  1. Regulatory standards met: risk management reassurance for inclusion of obligatory safety, corporate and legal information
  2. Intangible or complex subject matter are addressed more simply: information can be reinforced or even created from nothing! As we say in this game- “magic with smoke and mirrors”
  3. Graphical and statistical information can be included


Examples of explainer videos

1. Clear Board

2. Qube Haulage and Mine services compilation

3. Buy West Eat Best Cooking Series



Explainer videos are the most efficient, simplest and engaging way of communicating different aspects of your business to internal or external audiences.

Interested? I would love to workshop and explore (explain) the possibilities of explainer video content for your product or service. Contact me here.